Don't Replace Your Rug. Clean It!

Arrange for professional rug cleaning services in Renton, WA

Your rugs and upholstery stand up to a lot of wear and tear. But over time, they'll become dirty and dingy. When that happens, get professional upholstery and rug cleaning services from Green King Carpet Cleaning in Renton, WA. We can even clean the carpeting on your stairs.

We will vacuum, pretreat, and thoroughly clean your stairs, rugs, or upholstery with sanitizer and stain guard available! You can trust us to finish in a timely manner without leaving any residue behind. Reach out to us today to get stair or upholstery cleaning services.

Why do you need to treat your rugs and upholstery?

There are many benefits of getting professional rug, stair and upholstery cleaning services. You clean your teeth, you clean your clothes, why not clean the stuff you live on? When you work with us, you can trust us to:

Remove embedded dirt and stains

Make your rugs and upholstery last longer

Use the proper techniques to avoid damaging your rugs or upholstery

Clean all rugs and upholstery on site (No wasted delivery time!)

Don't live with dirty rugs. Set up an appointment with our rug cleaning company right away.